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Brownsville Wellness Coalition, 2022, 2023


With this project, our students will have the opportunity to learn new skills in the kitchen!

BiG Kitchen



Our BiG new location! A very special thank you goes out to the Huerta family for the donation of this great building as a way to honor Mrs. Jane Huerta’s legacy. We are so honored and humbled by your gift.

Jane Huerta Dockberry Building


BiG Heroes goes to The Brookwood Community


Through the efforts of the Brookwood Foundation and the Cinco Ranch Rotary, BiG Heroes was granted two scholarships to attend the Brookwood Conference and learn about many ideas on how to make our program expand. We were very blessed to have met Yvonne Streit, Brookwood founder, and so many other wonderful individuals whose mission is to serve the community with BiG hearts.

BiG Heroes goes to

"BiG" in Georgetown, TX


As part of the Brookwood Conference, we were blessed to have met Erin Kiltz founder of The Brookwood in Georgetown. We had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at their enterprise stations. Ms. Kiltz has been partnering with BiG Heroes since 2016 and continues to support us even today!

Order of Alhambras Annual Fundraiser

Dr & Mrs. Mendoza receive their

Grand Commander, Dr. Manuel Mendoza, invited BiG Heroes to be a part of their annual fundraiser.  It was great to be a part of such an honorable cause.  Thank you to all the wonderful people that came to say hello and take pictures with our BiG Heroes!

BiG Heroes goes to Down Home Ranch


​BiG Heroes goes to Elgin, TX to visit Down Home Ranch to see what ideas could be shared. Current Director, Craig Russell, shared many wonderful ideas and mentioned that what they are doing in Elgin could easily be implemented in for our RGV Community.  Thank you Down Home Ranch!

STEM Earthfest April 22, 2017


The projects from the November Camp were introduced to Brownsville.  Here, a community member purchases one of our crosses called The Seven Seeds of Abundance Cross.

November 2016 Camp

Proud of Projects.jpg

BiG Heroes had an incredible time creating a variety of crafts.  Here, our Heroes proudly show their finished products.  The products will be marketed into the community.  The proceeds get returned into the program for future materials and supplies for our Heroes to work with.

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