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Giving Tuesday 2023

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that unleashes the power of generosity. Created in 2012 as a simple idea, it's a day that encourages people to do good. Nov. 28, 2023

What Is BiG Heroes


Educational Garden

Health & Wellness

BiG Heroes provides basic healthy diet information to all of our members. Our education specialist provides valuable information to keep members feeling good and energetic. We do this by encouraging exercise & healthy eating habits. Together with local community professionals we continue to provide exercise such as dancing, aerobics, and other light exercise activities.

Continued Life Skills

Our focus on life skills benefits adults with intellectual disabilities and benefits all of us no matter our level of intellectual ability. This includes reading, math, writing, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and social interaction. Sometimes it is a lack of exposure and sometimes it is a lack of education, but we are determined to make life more attainable and less intimidating for each of our BiG Heroes!


Measurement Skills


Educational Outing

Job Skills Education

We work on developing interpersonal skills that will help members deal with others, whether in the workplace, in social situations, or within a family. Soft job skills are just as important as specific job-related skills. They’re especially crucial if their job requires them to interact with the public. Community employers benefit from having an employee who has attention to detail, teamwork skills, and is excited to join the workforce.


We are a God-centered nonprofit organization providing continued post-high school learning experiences to young adults with disabilities that seek employment. Our focus areas are health & wellness, continued life skills & job skills. We strive to train and empower our members to produce and market unique handcrafted items to give back to their program and gain incentives. With your support we will assist each member reach their maximum potential in life.


Vocational Exploration


Healthy Habits


Community Outreach


Educational Outings

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